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Let’s start with a definition of a treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt. (You may have a different definition – but this will help you understand our products).

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Whatever your group, we have treasure hunt ideas for you.

So, what is the age range of your treasure hunters? This section will guide you on the options available for each age range.


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We have literally hundreds of emails from customers that you can read. Here is just a sample..

"Hi Nikki,

I am not having my scavenger hunt until the middle of June. I got a lot of great ideas from your ebook.


Donna Mallory Pennsylvania USA
Scavenger Hunt Party Game

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"Nikki - you are a life saver! I really love it and as a result of your packaged managed to switch gears and really make my hunt something special, it happens on Tuesday, now I have full confidence it will be a winner!!

In Victoria, BC - Tues Apr 10 (I'd already done a lot of pre-planning) for Company Team Building, all adults.


Chris Hill BC Canada
Corporate Treasure Hunt

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"Hi Nikki,

I held my treasure hunt at my son's birthday party at my moms house on a farm. We had adults and children ( youngest age 4) all play. I spaced out my stations a bit far ( the older ones got quite a workout!) but everyone had fun and enjoyed it! I am going to use it again for my son's grade 6 class at the end of the year party and we are going to do it in and around the school grounds.


Lori Hepburn Ontario Canada
Children's Party Ideas

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"Hi Nikki,

Our church had our treasure hunt this past weekend. It was a great success and so much fun. This was a family event so all ages were able to participate. We used cities in the Bible (Paul's Journey) as our stations, and challenges that Paul would have faced in these cities, some mental some physical. We have 60 people participate and everyone had so much fun and could not believe how well the treasure hunt worked out and how organized it was. Your planner kits was great I would recommend it to other churches and groups. Thanks for the help.

Hawkins Church Vicksburg Ms"

Julie Townley MS USA
Church Treasure Hunt

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It is Sunday and we are recuperating from the Halloween Party we hosted for our 10 year old son. The boys loved the treasure hunt! Thank you.

I had the boys eat and drink gross looking candy ( a bug, blood and vomit). I also bought 2 paint guns (they are manual and without CO2 or battery) and had them shoot at a skeleton that I painted on a piece of plywood (very easy). I am considering an adult canadian pharmacy party next year. Any advice? Thank you,"

Patty Lamp, Illionois USA
Church Treasure Hunt

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