Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Hi Nikki;

I love your "customer service"—except that its more than customer service! It’s personal and warm and I feel like I have a friend instead of a business transaction.

Now the burial place! We are fortunate in that we have many options. We walked the property again this morning and will probably choose a place next to a creek bed—(dry at the moment as

we have had no rain— under a huge Oak tree— and behind a hedge of evergreen fir. We like this place because the losers will be able to watch the retrieval activities from solid stable ground —not on a hill and no rocks.

I was very excited to find a wonderful Treasure Box—perfect size & shape (just like you expect a treasure chest to look)–It was unpainted so I stained it brown–and best of all the treasures I purchased fit into it perfectly.

We still have to work on the puzzle part and plan the stations. Time is getting short so we are under pressure with all the other tasks for the big week end.

Thanks for keeping in touch.

Lou Wilson, California, USA

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