Friday, February 2nd, 2018

The Kids enjoyed The treasure hunt and has a big hit. The venue was changed the day before from a woodland to a farm . I had 12 teams of 4 ranging in age from 6 - 15 with a total of 48 all on horse

back. The oldest kids were the leaders and had to wait for the younger kids. It taught the kids leadership, teamwork and took the fear away from the nervous kids and made them competent riders, They had cross country fences to jump. I had 8 paid instructors who I used as helpers and safety officers.

I set the game out as in the book but added a challenge per station and each instructor had to judge the challenge and give then a piece of the puzzle and added the Guard and the gate keeper.

The challenges were

1.- The mummy game

2 -the tight rope

3. -4 x Hula hoops hanging from the trees and they passed a baton through from one end to the other using all members of the team. They remained on horse back

4 - 12 plastic ducks on a fence post and they had 4 water pistols and had to knock 4 down ,

5- I tied an inflatable boat in a flowing river and put 25 plastic balls in the boat and gave them 4 fishing nets . they had to remove all the balls and place them in bucket on the bank

6 - Answer the backward questions and fishing for 4 jelly snakes from a plate of sugar using only their mouth

2 teams found the treasure chest in under 2.5 hours while the rest did not complete until 4 .

We hide the chest again and all teams got a bag of candy.

They want to have again next year

Thanks again

Gordon Clarke, Ireland

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