Friday, September 1st, 2017

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for the great book! I have downloaded (I believe) all the products. I am very excited to plan this party. It is my daughter’s 16th birthday and she and her sister came up with this idea of a scavenger hunt party. I googled ’scavenger hunt’ and found your site. I thought this is a good idea to get some help. We love to have parties and have had many years of fun themes and such! My daughter’s birthday will be Easter Sunday, so we will celebrate with family that day. We will have her Scavenger Hunt birthday with friends before Easter so I need to get cracking on it. They want to be in teams and be driven around town to find things (drivers will be adults) There are about 20 children so we’ll have 5 teams of 4 (I think). I love the idea of taking pictures of the scavenger hunt items and with digital cameras it works great.

Also we will celebrate on Easter with family which involves about 40 people (adults & children) so I used your Instant Hunt games and have already created two hunts for around my house and yard. One hunt for older children and one hunt for the younger crowd. That instant hunt was Awesome to use and so easy!!!!

Those are my details so far. Thanks so much for your terrific website!

Karen Diamond, Massachusetts, USA

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