Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Hi Nikki!

Our treasure hunts were lots of fun! We modified the plan for our daughter to have a treasure hunt based on a Nancy Drew theme. I renamed the stations with titles for Nancy Drew Mysteries and named the teams different desserts based on the Nancy Drew movie that came out last summer. We used your party idea for developing two person teams by letting them pick and shoe andshoestring, spoon and fork, etc. All of the girls ages 10-11 seemed to really enjoy all of what we did. They were even very excited to find the treasure under our porch at twilight which our son had hidden. We also used some of your ideas for our son’s party. He had an Indiana Jones themed party and only three friends so we really couldn’t form teams, we just let them move through kind of an obstacle hunt to find their treasure.

Thank you for all of your great ideas! They really helped to make our children’s parties an exciting success!

Most grateful,

Amy Brown, North Carolina, USA

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