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Friday, July 31st, 2009

The video scavenger hunt was such a success with the kids (17-18 yrs of age). They thought it was going to be stupid but they haven’t stop talking about it. Their videos were hilarious! Some of the things I made them do:

Order an ice tea from Starbucks with two straws stuck in the nose (I provided money)

Sit on a whoopee cushion next to someone in a bookstore without showing the whoopee cushion

One person must wear a dog collar and leash and carry a bone in the mouth while crawling through a major pet store (other person holding leash and petting the head) - I provided the items from the dollar store

There is a long list of things they had to do. The best part was seeing just how funny these kids were. I got to see a different side of them. I never knew my son was so funny or that he could actually dance!


Julianne Lewis, California, USA

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Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

I have a Girl Scout troop consisting of Daisy, Brownie, Juniors, and Cadettes. For the Juniors & Cadettes (10-14 years old) we did a pirate treasure hunt. We meet in a cafeteria at the school so at Pirate Beach I put the treasure under a bunch of fake leaves and had pirate skeletons sitting on and around the treasure box so they couldn’t see it. They just thought it was one of the props. I hid the bandannas and pirate eye patches in smaller treasure boxes around the island. I had a lot of compliments that they enjoyed themselves and would like to do it again.

For the Daisy which are kindergarteners I made a Princess theme treasure hunt. Snow White had to find the poison apple, In Cinderella’s ballroom we played hot potato with Cinderella’s shoe, Under the Sea Adventure we had to find a crown, wand, ring, necklace, and bracelet. At Jasmine’s Royal Palace we sifted through the sand to find gems, And in Sleeping Beauty’s palace we did a diamond drop: from the start line to a finish line about 10 feet away. Each player lined up at the start line. The first person in each group is given two toothpicks. Each player has one bowl filled with 5 ice cubes (royal diamonds) which they had to carry across the finish line. And finaly at Belle’s Magic Kingdom they colored a picture of Cinderella. I used a Princess box with all the above characters on it and had a big princess doll sitting on top of it. This age group also enjoyed playing.

I would now like to organize a big treasure hunt for all the Girl Scout troups and have them bring a friend. Hopefully this will get more girls to register.


Donna Huffman, Pennsylvania, USA

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Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

Yes, I have downloaded the Treasure Hunt Party game Planner and bonus gifts. I actually downloaded them right after I ordered the product. It was great. Very fast and very easy. I have briefly read thru the Planner and I think it will make my next Treasure Hunt Party MUCH easier. I am planning one for my daughter’s birthday which is not until February so I have plenty of time. I have done a couple of treasure hunts prior to this and they were ALOT of work. The first two I did were like yours where there were stations to go to and some kind of challenge to perform. The last one I did was for my daughter’s birthday this past February. It was a Harry Potter Treasure Hunt party and I did not have a lot of time so I just did riddles/cryptograms that led them to another clue in the house and eventually to the treasure.

I like the idea of stations and challenges, however. I think the party in Feb 09 will be much better than the one I did last year. My daughter will be turning 11 in February just to give you an idea of the age group. Last year I found the girls to be quite sharp which is why I purchased the adults/any age group planner. They all really love treasure hunts so this may become an annual event.

Saroja Raman, Maryland, USA

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Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

This was designed for the participants to buy a gift for the birthday girl, during their hunt. We were at a upscale outdoor mall.

I divided the teams into two groups, and changed the order of things on the second list so the teams would not run into each other.

This took one team 45 minutes, and the other team and hour and 25 minutes. We waited for them at lunch, while sipping on champagne… I received thank yous, and gushing kudos from everyone, they all had a fantastic time.


Mary Guleserian, USA

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Monday, July 27th, 2009

It was a lot of fun for my daughter and her friends (8th bday). We did a water balloon toss station, maze/jump rope/run around cones station, word find station, question station, basketball (must make 5 baskets each) station, and a math station. We have a very large field with a section of woods where we buried a lock box with treasures in it. It all went very well with the exception of my hiding of the map the night before and not being able to find it until minutes before the party!!!!!oopps. The only thing I would do differently is have a second and third price for each of the teams to win something, though they shared nicely.

Thanks, it was worth the purchase and we will probably use again with adult friends.

DeAnn Steinhorst, New York, USA

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Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Hey Nikki….we will be doing the treasure hunt at camp in July…and I will be glad to send a picture and let you know how it went…I am excited because we do this camp every year…so this makes it easier on me…thanks

Jackie Wakefield, Texas, USA

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Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Dear Nikki,

Thanks for your email. Just to let you know, I am planning a treasure hunt for pupils at my school in Derby, England. We are celebrating 50 years in our current building and I am in charge of planning a party for girls aged 14-16 on the afternoon of February 8th. I am hoping that I will be able to use the ideas in your book, although I still need to think up my challenges! We have 85 girls in total, so our teams will be quite large, however I think that I will be able to adapt your ideas, so thanks!

Carole Riley, Derby, England

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Friday, July 24th, 2009

Our Scavenger Hunt was a huge success! Lots of fun was had by all.

We provide this dinner once a year and always try really change things up.

I will contact you if I need your assistance again. Thank You.

Kris Vandenplas, Wisconsin, USA

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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Hey Nikki,

Thanks for your emails. I purchased and downloaded your Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner Sunday night and got right to work. You see, I needed a great Treasure Hunt for our Memorial Day church picnic and I only had one night and a morning to get it all done! Your material was a great help and made it both fun and substantive. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Let me share one quick highlight: my son had a kid’s "spy" safe with a changeable number-pad combination. This worked great for hiding the map in. Type in the wrong number and the thing alarms and flashes lights–and of course won’t open! It was perfect. What was a blast at our Treasure Hunt was one team put all their clues together and raced to unlock the map. But they kept getting the combination wrong, so a second team ended up getting it. We really had a blast! Thanks so much!

Michael De Leon, pastor

Lighthouse Baptist Church

P.S. for others using your ideas, I was able to make it work with only me as a helper. I used a lot of puzzle type games which was easier for one person–me–to check off then watching people do stuff.

Michael De Leon, Ohio, USA

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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

We really enjoyed the treasure hunt and it was super easy. I’ve created my own "hunts" for years, but this game allowed my hunt to be longer and more creative. I will continue to use the game.

Teresa Whaley, Minnesota, USA

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Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Hi Nikki,

I was in a bind for a party TODAY that I promised my daughter a scavenger hunt for. I was not able to focus on any ONE idea to get me started when I pulled your info up on the internet. I’m so excited because we are the "party home" of both my daughters’ schools and now I feel I can do this by tonight. Thanks for sharing–and you’re right…it’s well worth the money in hours of time saved in planning alone. And all this is said before I’ve even gone through all your info. I can tell it’s been well-planned though and that’s huge to me.

Shelley Springhetti, Wisconsin, USA

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Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Was a HUGE success…leaving for vacation today will reply with details upon return…

Sent from Karen Rappaport

Muddy Girls Productions

Karen Rappaport, California, USA

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Sunday, July 19th, 2009

My event is done - it was great!

Amy Tuttle, Massachusetts, USA

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Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Dear Nikki,

I just came home from my scavenger hunt party and wanted to shoot an email to you before I got too busy.

This was the first time anyone in my family participated in a scavenger hunt. The occasion was my father’s 75th birthday. Your materials were invaluable in sparking my imagination and setting the ground rules for my game.

Because the participants were all family (ranging from teenagers up through to my 75 y/o dad), I decided to do a "This is Your Life" scavenger hunt. I’ve attached the details for you. While most of it won’t make sense to you, I think you’ll get the general idea. I found your materials to be a great source of ideas for me to create my own unique game. I found the structure and rules that you suggested particularly helpful.

I had three teams with 5 people in each team. Everyone had a fantastic time! We downloaded the pictures into one digital album as an added gift for my dad. He said it was the most memorable and wonderful birthday he ever had! Thank you for the great ideas. I can’t wait to do the next one!

Sandra Buckley, Massachusetts, USA

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Friday, July 17th, 2009

Hi Nikki!

It went very well. Because we are a heritage building, I was able to find lots of unusual and interesting questions. For example there are pictures of the classes on the three floors dating back to 1907. One question was how many colours had the double front doors been (class pictures were always taken on the front steps). There are many facts/stories lining the walls up to the attic so I was able to pick out a few interesting questions from there. Anyway the students had a blast. I had also created a treasure map puzzle and as they searched for answers to the scavenger hunt they were also looking for puzzle pieces. At the end they put all of the pieces together and there was a riddle about where to find "treasure". They loved it!

Beverly Ruberg, British Columbia, Canada

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Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Dear Nikki,

We are planning a Block Party at our church and your ideas really started my creative juices flowing!! Here are some “stations” we are considering as a way to involve the whole family in some fun together. Thanks so much for your great ideas! The planning/organizing part was THE BEST!

(These are some ideas for station activities. The activities on the lists would be shuffled around so everyone does not head for the same station at the same time. A few simple prizes would be awarded using the completed papers for a drawing. Older children could help younger ones and families could do the activities together. Volunteers would place simple bug stickers on the papers to show that a station was completed. Some of the stations are easy enough for one person to handle two activities. Each station would be clearly marked with its name and directions on how to complete the activity. Nobody complained about the bug theme so I just ran with it!!)

Nothings Bugging Me!!

Family Activity Stations

Move to each station in the order listed on your paper. Complete the activity and receive a sticker from the “Pest Control Officer”. Turn in your completed paper for our prize drawing.

Ladybug Station Make a bug cookie

Buzzing Bee Station Sing a bug related song

Exterminator Station Use a spray bottle(Pressurized) to knock over

the “bugs” (Empty bottles decorated like bugs)

Bug Infested Swamp Cross the “swamp” by walking on a

plank(a long board) and hopping over bugs

Bug Tattoo Station Choose your favorite bug for a tattoo

Fly Swatter Station Move (plastic)bugs to a bucket using a fly


Fill the Hive Use a paper cup to fill your “hive”(small bowl)

with “honey”(water)

Bug Search Find at least 5 plastic bugs hiding in

the church lawn

Pat Swanson, Minnesota, USA

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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

Our treasure hunt was just great. Thank you very much. I was a bit nervous about my daughters 11th birthday. She wanted a Pirates of the Carribean party with boy and girls. But wow!!!!! It was awesome. Once they arrived, they had to choose themslelves a pirate name, that in itself was funny. I then made labels with these names and their photos to go on there mugs to drink out of throughout the party. Then it was onto the treasure hunt. I was a bit anxious that they would think it was a bit chidlish, but boy, did they get into it from the word go. We live on a tiny island in the Pacific where props are not easy to come by, but it is amazing what you can find or make. From silver clip on earrings to home made gold and silver loots bags, as well as a coconut palm plank.

We live in a compound and there was a lot of room for the kids. I had made a treasure map which was in 6 pieces, one for each child. They had to put it together to get through each of the challenges. It took about an hour and a quarter to get through the hunt. And they had a ball. The flag they made is still hanging on my daughter’s wall. We made some island alterations which made it all the more fun. Your guidelines were awesome. I would advise anyone to use this. It was great. Took a lot of stress out of a fun day. Good luck to anyone else who wants a fun but stress free day. Once again thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Lowry, Samoa

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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

We had the party last night. Around 20 something seventh graders with a few other ages thrown in. They had a blast. We used our yard and a neighbor’s yard for the play area (not too big, but some room to run) and buried the treasure on the edge of the property. The planning was relatively easy with your planner. The kids hadn’t done anything similar at any other party they’ve been to - which is exactly what my daughter wanted. The checklist was a blessing - it helped me make sure I had everything ready… I think the party was a great success.

The game started at 5:45 and they were completely finished by 6:30 - which was much faster than I had anticipated. But it worked out fine.

The treasure hunt was a great idea and your planner certainly helped make it possible. I never would have found the time to coordinate all the timetables, challenges, clues and instructions without it. It was worth my investment.

Sheri Williams, Montana, USA

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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for your fun Treasure Hunt game. We had a great time and our college and beyond group tremendously enjoyed themselves! Your obvious work and intricate planning was a breeze to use and we made the right choice to purchase your product. Thank you again for such a great event!


Vanessa Ekno, Hawaii, USA

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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

We had the party last weekend. I had a hunt in our neighborhood park for some 10 year olds. They had a really good time. I decided to have it at the last minute so your list was a big help in planning a hunt in one day. Next year with more time I’ll make it much bigger.

Diana Reed, USA

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Monday, July 13th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

So, just to let you know, everything went well. Easter is a big deal at our house…..always has been. My husband and I don’t have any kids, but my sisters do, and have been coming to our home for Easter brunch for years…probably 15 years or so. I have always made a game of some sort for the kids…there are 8 of them. When they were little we had yarn woven in, around, under, on top of etc furniture, and knick knacks within our bottom two rooms….family room and recreation room. Slightly hidden along the trail where gifts/chocolate etc for the kids. As the kids got bigger it became more challenging. I’ve done Kim’s games with them, word quizzes….oh many things….just can’t think of them off the top of my head. I keep kidding the kids, that they are getting too old for this…the game…the gifts…the treats. But of course, they don’t think so :) So, each year, it takes me awhile to come up with something a little different. Basically, what I’m looking at are 8 kids, each of whom is getting about 10 gifts (my Mum and sisters drop off their gifts to me to be included). This works out to 60 "places" within our home that I need to identify as the prize location somehow.

I don’t know if this is making much sense to you, as I’m writing it. So I’d thought of a scavenger hunt of some sort for some time. So, I bought yours this year….and I was able to use the ideas. I took suggestions from the "Scavenger Hunt - Around the Home" and the "Memory Hunt". The kids

range in ages from 10 to 18. The oldest 2 brought their boy friends this year! I came up with 60 questions (5 questions per kid) ranging in difficulty eg. "How many holes are in the air tub?", "What brand name toaster oven is in the kitchen?" to "What was tested on November 13, 1996?". The answer to the last one is "the gas regulation pressure test". There is a tag that hangs off the gas pipe in the laundry room. Another one that had one of them stumped for awhile was, "Where do you find the number 39615119?". The answer is the "water meter". The kids like the challenge…they won’t give up. I also had them each find 5 particular items in the house. For example….everyone had to find a tea light. These are normally around the house, but by the time eight kids have picked one up, kids #9 and 10 are having more difficulty finding one. I had a couple of other things for them to do as well.

So, it went well. I think they’ll be 30 years old and I’ll still be doing it. I’ll read through your material again next year and come up with something else for them to do.

Thanks for the hunt/games and your emails. As I said, it went very well.

Tracey Stamp, Ontario, Canada

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Monday, July 13th, 2009


Well today’s party day. My daughter is so excited. I used the styrofoam ice chest and spray painted it and filled it with journals that I wraped in gold and silver paper then I put in chocolate coins, ring pops, colored pens, crystal ring key chains, 100 grand chocolate bars, and I found these little jewel toned jars at a craft store and filled them with candy, then I sprinkeld more coins and jewels around and some colored necklaces. It sure looks like a treasure. WHAT FUN!. The clues were the most fun though. I can’t wait to watch them try and figure out where the next one is. I found a little plastic treasure chest with a key at the craft store and I hid the last clue in there. I think this party is sure to be a hit. I’m already thinking about Christmas. It’s going to be so much fun.

As to where I am going to bury the treasure. We don’t have a place to actually bury it but I have found a great hiding place that will really keep em guessing….

Thanks again,

Kristy (super-mom)

Kristy Bales, California, USA

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Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Hello Nikki,

Yes we just had our treasure hunt this weekend for 12 boys age 7 (1st graders). they were divided into 4 teams (red, green, blue and white bandanas which they wore on their heads and doubled as blindfolds when needed ). it was a huge success. I appreciate the information you sent to us, it helped guide us to create our own treasure hunt.

We had 5 stations numbered (not using the cities, kids this age can’t read well enough) with challenges; 1) a small obstacle course they had to do blindfolded 2) a top of a xerox box which we made a paper maze in which they had to blow a jawbreaker with a straw to homebase 3) a board that they had to attach 4 puzzle pieces with screws and bolts (holes were predrilled for large lag bolts) and 4) apple dunking (which the apples were too large so all they really did was get wet. #5 was the final area where they dug the treasures up. Each team was given a list of stations in the order they were supposed to go, so all they had to do was find #1, then #2, #3, etc. it was a shotgun start and they all went to different stations, no kids were at the same station at the same time but we would see each team coming and going as our team arrived and left…

At the successful conclusion of each station, they got 1/4 of a paper treasure map puzzle which told them all to go to #5. when they got to #5 (they all arrived about the same time) there were 4 clues on a fence each by color and they told them to walk 5 steps to the left or 10 fenceposts away etc where they had to dig. My husband and i had pre-buried about 1 foot into the ground 4 treasure boxes i found at hobby lobby ($4 each) spraypainted gold and filled with 3 cans of silly string, pirate paper money and coins)

I gave them hand shovels to dig up the treasures and after they did so they had a silly string battle. they loved it. We also had a treasure chest pinata ready in a nearby tree and they banged on that. we had chicken nuggets and tater tots and cake and ice cream and then they all left! phew.

Here is my advice. for this age group you have to remember they are just learning to read. clues and challenges were age appropriate and each team had an ADULT leader to help them understand the challenge if there was a problem and find the challenge on our property (we spread them out over 2 acres). We also had teenagers/adults at each challenge to adminster the challenge and hand out the treasure map puzzles. All adults wore name tags.

What you sent was certainly adjustable for any age or intelligence level. I made the treasure map puzzles, numbers for the stations and maps on a powerpoint program but i could have drawn them as well. You need to follow your schedule and it will be a hit. Thank you it was worth the money and i did have several people ask me the process.

I have attached the powerpoint stuff you can use it or disregard it. I packed up my treasure map table cloth, extra paper plates, napkins, cups and cake topper and am bringing it to the resale shop with a little instructions to reuse if they want to have a treasure chest party for their child.

thank you very much

Karen Rowan, Colorado, USA

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Sunday, July 12th, 2009


We had a birthday party yesterday for nine 8-year old boys and girls. The theme was "Pirates Go Wild" and we took full advantage of the online Instant Treasure Hunt game. We made 6 different clues for each of the 3 teams (used colored armbands to identify the different "crews", labeled them "Blue Bandit Clue #2", etc.) and it went great!

I bought flags, blow-up swords, bandanas, pencils, stickers, "gold" coins, candy, and little clue sets at Diddams (see attached pictures).

The best part happened as each of the teams finished, then went to help the other teams before getting the last clue and shovels with little flags attached. (They had to find the apple tree and figure out that the big flag marked the spot to dig up the treasure box all together.) The kids then divided up the "loot" themselves as their party favors.

I loved the idea of the different puzzles and stations but didn’t have other adult helpers and would definitely have needed them to make that work.

Nadja Jackson, California, USA

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Saturday, July 11th, 2009


We had the party and it was great. Appreciate all the suggestions in the book. Have a great holiday weekend

Tracey Ivaldi, New Jersey, USA

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