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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Hello Nikki,

We are planning a party in Brussels, Belgium, which is where we are based although we are British and all the children are English speaking.

It is for my daughter’s 7th birthday party on 3rd July and we are expecting 14 (maybe 15) children between the ages of 6 1/2 and 7 1/2.

I have read through the book a couple of times and I think it looks good. Some of the games look at bit tricky for them, perhaps the message written backwards is too hard, but I guess we could substitute it for another.

The only real concern I have is that the children’s reading skills may not be up to it (they start reading late here - they’ve only been at it since September), so I thought I could incorporate lots of symbols to help them.

Also, does it matter if the teams are not of equal sizes? I was thinking of 2 teams of 4 members and 2 of 3 members. Will it still work?

I’d be grateful to hear any comments you have.

Best regards,

Philippa Stewart, Belgium

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Hi Nikki

It was a big hit at my son’s 7th Birthday party. It was a pirate themed b-day and I used some of the riddles and I made a treasure map that at each station had gold coins to collect and then ended at a real treasure chest that my son had ask for filled with treasures and gifts for him and his friends….he loved it and they all wanted to play again…..thanks for the help!

Jennifer Troutman, Pennsylvania USA

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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

We had the Halloween treasure hunt party the day after we ordered your planner. It was my son’s 12th birthday party and he complained that he didn’t want to play any games, but I didn’t want 10 children running through the house for 3 hours. Our party was held in an old convent in Pennsylvania, USA. The guests were aged from 6 to 35. We had a Halloween theme, since Shane’s birthday is October 31st. The guests had to search for Uncle’s Seymour’s Last Will & Testament.

The rooms were named Mad Scientist’s Lab, The Doomed Room, The Porthole to the End of the Universe, The Asylum, The Chamber of Horrors and The

Graveyard. We followed all your suggestions for the challenges, teaming older players with younger ones. The puzzle pieces led the players to the chapel (we have a real chapel with stained glass windows and oak pews in our home), where we had hidden the Last Will & Testament with directions to Uncle Seymour’s most treasured worldly possessions.

My two sons, my husband and I dressed in Halloween costumes and supervised the rooms. Even after one team had located the treasure, the others were having so much fun that they asked if they could complete the remaining challenges (the one with the peas seemed to be everyone’s favorite). Everyone had a great time, but what made me happiest was that my son kept thanking me the next day, telling me how much he loved me for throwing such a great party for him. Thank you for the great plans - they were well worth the money!


Ildiko Mulligan, Pennsylvania USA

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Monday, April 27th, 2009

Hi Nikki! Our party is this Friday. My Daughter is 11 and celebrating with 15 of her 5th grade friends. I planning on incorporating things to hunt for that represent spring, the year of 1996 (the year she was born) and March. I am not very far on my list yet!!

I am very nervous because I don’t have a full plan as of yet. Your planner was helpful but still I need to be more creative. Perhaps I am over thinking things too!!

We are planning to split the kids into groups and giving them colored t-shirts saying ‘We found a great time… or Searching for Great Time.. And we still have to figure out prizes etc.

I purchased ‘Riddle me’ but didn’t like it nearly as much as I like yours so thank you!!

I also appreciate you helping me figure out what to purchase :)

I will keep you posted,



Hi Lori

Just look through all of the many scavenger lists and choose about 15/20 items that appeal to you and work with your theme. For spring - there are several nature hunts so you can choose items from them. Obviously some coins for the year she was born - is there anything else around the neighborhood that is 11 years old?

You could also use the numbers 1996 - e.g. one clothes peg, 9 paper clips, 9 daisies and 6 balloons (or whatever item you choose).

Some fun tasks recorded by camera always go down well. Look at the task based hunts for some ideas.

As for prizes - give each team $11 to purchase an item - you state the theme - fun / pink / biggest / smallest / cutest etc. Winners get their pick of the purchased items. :)

I hope this helps

Best Wishes



I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. You work like I do and I love that about you. I am going to share your website with everyone!


Lori Logan, California USA

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Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Hi Nikki:

Thanks for your e-mail. My ‘concept’ is to search the world for the treasure chest. Each room in the house will be a different country (with appropriate props and decorations) - China, France, Italy, United States, Africa, Egypt etc. I only have 5 children (girls- sleep over) -no helpers-I thought I would have the girls go from country to country with each girl having a clue that leads them to another piece of the map, then they put their pieces together, complete the map then follow the map to the treasure. Don’t know if I can bury it (altho I would love to). I may have the treasure chest in the exercise room (separate little cottage from the house) because they will have to leave the main house to get there - no risk of discovery prior to the completion of the map. That ‘place’ would be another exotic place - a tropical island. It may make more sense to have all the girls with the same clue running to the next country to find one piece of the map - perhaps each ha ving a different piece in each room is a bit much….

I need to find something to serve as the treasure chest (I’ve been looking). I am having small duffle bags/tote bags made with each girls name on it. They will be given the bags when they arrive. As they start the hunt they’ll carry the bags from place to place-with each discovery of a map piece (and completion of a challenge (forgot to mention the challenge at each place) they will earn a prize - little wrapped gifts that will go into their duffle bags along the way. Then the ‘treasure chest’ at the end will be filled with goodies for all to go into their individual bags. These and other prizes will make up their goodie bag take aways…I’ll hit it hard this coming weekend (the party is next weekend on the 4th).

Any advice will be most appreciated - I love your book and service - terrific and innovative.


Roni Agress, USA

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Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

I have been able to get the scavenger hunt downloaded successfully and just briefly looked at, looks good.

My task is to organize a lock-in for youth ( appro. 100 grades7-12) at my church, my theme is mission impossible eluding to the fact that without Christ it is impossible to get into Heaven. I was planning to use some of your ideas to make a week long mission to be accomplished before they could get into the lock-in. This is probably going to be a very elaborate event (I hope I can pull it off) in early April.


Jim Abbott, Montana USA

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Friday, April 24th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

I have just started to go through the manual. I’m not in a hurry. I plan to do the treasure hunt somewhere between now and the end of March.

I’m planning to do the treasure for my two boys because I have 2 tickets for Disneyland and I want to give the tickets to them in a special, fun way.

They don’t know anything yet about the Disney trip. I would like to create special memories for the trip and I thought that including a treasure hunt to start with would be a good idea.

I will keep you updated on how it goes, I might have some questions for you though in the near future, I’ve never put a treasure hunt together before, but I do believe it will be a lot of fun for all of us….

Kind Regards,

Joke De Frenne, Idaho USA

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Hi Nikki,

We live in the USA, in Moore, OK. The party is this Saturday the 23rd.

It is a surprise birthday party for my son who turned 13 last Sunday.

There will be mostly 13 to 14 year olds but a few younger and some older siblings at the party, and of course aunts and uncles to help drive for the scavenger hunt.

I have read over the planner and am trying to decide which one I want to do. I really like the one they have to find something for each letter of the alphabet.

Thank you,

Kim Rogers, Oklahoma USA

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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

THANK YOU so much! This is so great, exactly what I needed. My son’s 11th scavenger hunt party should be a blast.

Thanks for sending the one I had intended, I will tell others about the site.

MariBeth Smith, Arizona USA

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Hi Nikki,

The treasure hunt party went great. We had about 19 kids and two 4th grade teachers participate. I could tell they really loved the idea and had a lot of fun.

thanks for your help!

Tracy Nekula, Ohio USA

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Monday, April 20th, 2009

We had the scavenger hunt party this past sat. Everything went great. The kids (and adults) loved it our neighborhood was really good about letting the kids have fun and knock on their door trying to gather stuff. We had 25 11-12 yr olds show up it was a lot of fun.


Misty Whitlock, South Carolina USA

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Hi Nikki,

When I had my Halloween party all the moms were asking how I put it all together so well considering I work 55 hours a week. I told them that I was searching through the internet and found the neatest little website. I told them I would put the web address in the thank you cards. And if I have ever met a bunch of women who try to out do each others parties it is these women…LOL.. I know they will all love your site and the ease that it provides when planning a party. I loved it and I know they will too. I plan on getting the scavenger hunt game for a neighborhood Christmas party. I know it will be one to remember! Thank you for your time and all of your great ideas. You have made it so simple for even the busiest person to throw a phenomenal party!

Kathryn Sepulveda, Nevada USA

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Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Hello Nikki -

I have had a chance to look over the treasure hunt info. I love this!! I am going on a Christian women’s retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN towards the end of March and wanted to come up with a fun idea. We don’t have a particular theme at this point so it will not really matter what theme we use for the clues, stations, etc. Age group is from late 20’s to early 50’s. I understand all of the info. pretty well the only thing I could not find was one of the bonus’s. I am looking for the ebook on your favorite 10 games.

Talk with you soon! Tina Franklin

Tina Franklin, North Carolina USA

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Friday, April 17th, 2009

My daughter’s 10th b’day scavenger hunt party was yesterday and it went great. I had 42 kids at my house + put them into 6 teams. They went out w/ an adult chaperone to peoples houses to find the items. They had a blast. The book was very helpful. Thanks again!

Tammy Kaufman, Florida USA

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009

It went great. It was a summer end employee treasure hunt party and at the end the treasure was a chest full of $1 gold coins. Each employee got part of the treasure. I had to modify the clues to make it work at my resort but it went great. The employees loved it. The only thing I would do different would be to number the clues. A couple of groups found a clue that was not the correct one. If I numbered them, they would know that it wasn’t the right clue. However, the team that actually won didn’t skip any clues so that part was kinda funny.

Darlene Downs, Idaho USA

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Mystery treasure hunt in Georgia for 7 year old’s birthday party

Sean Bates, Georgia USA

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Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

We had a great time with the treasure hunt. Our big birthday party involves my two daughters, now 2 & 6, and their dad. All birthdays within 10 days.

We had about a dozen kids into the treasure hunt - some were a bit too young. Setting up three teams with an adult to lead each one, using the same locations but different clues, it worked out really well. Instead of giving out prizes along the way, we gave them tickets for achieving goals, which were used to get prizes from the treasure chest at the finish. This eliminates the problem of ‘I don’t like this’.

We even had a ‘real’ pirate to hand them out - a friend is a member of a Pirates of the Caribbean ship. The remaining booty in the treasure chest was used for goody bags for the young guests. The kids had a great time and were ready for cake afterwards. Between the bounce house, riding a real horse (we have a friend who brought one), and the treasure hunt the kids were totally worn out.

Then it became Dad’s party, and the adults had a great time also. We did a treasure hunt for dad, and he was completely confused (we meant to do that) and had a great time.

It was wonderful that I was able to set this up with very little effort. By setting it up so that it doesn’t matter if something goes wrong, everyone wins - everyone enjoyed it. I received lots of compliments on how great the party was. I look forward to using this on other occasions, as well as when the kids are just bored.

Thanks for your efforts - which saved me from making them

Sandy Walkington, Texas USA

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Monday, April 13th, 2009

The party will take place at Citigroup in Amherst, NY US in April. It is a Spring Pirate Treasure theme party for the employees children and every year we have between 100 and 200 children ranging in age from 2 through 14. In the past we always had a Easter, Halloween, and Christmas party. Due to our increasing size, we are now only having a Halloween and a themed Spring party. Each year will be a different theme. All children attend with parents and we usually have anywhere from 20 - 30 volunteers (without children) who run the party.

Judy McEvoy, New York USA

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Sunday, April 12th, 2009

attached I have the list for the scavenger hunt. Most of the kids are 12 and 13. I thought I could come up with names for teams and have them draw them out of a hat to make the teams fair. I am going to try to get a digital camera for each team to take the 2 pictures from each list. I will have my sister come in and print the picture 8 X10 to hang up in the party.

We are planning on giving each team a walkie-talkie and a one hour time limit to roam the neighborhood.

Thank you!

Amy Evans, Texas USA

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Saturday, April 11th, 2009

I am doing a treasure hunt for a bunch of 17 year old soccer players as a team bonding event before they leave to compete in a Regional tournament

Patty Seitz, New Jersey USA

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Friday, April 10th, 2009

Our treasure hunt was based on the pirates of the Caribbean II Dead Man?s Chest characters. It was a swarm of fun for all and a huge hit participants and watchers alike enjoyed the games and puzzles and the treasure at the end!! Thank you for the kit it was a big hit. A lot of work transforming it to my theme on the computer. But so worth it. We had three teams of 3-4 boys ages 11-14. Thanks again

Monique Rogers, Georgia USA

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Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I’m having a party for my daughter’s 13th birthday party and she has invited boys which really threw me for loop when it came to deciding what activities to have to keep them all busy for 4 hrs. I could find no books at the library or bookstore that had the detail that you have in your treasure hunt planner.

Kim Leggett, Ohio USA

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Nikki, I am doing the pirate treasure hunt for my daughter’s 11th birthday. We are located in Leawood, Kansas which is a suburb of Kansas City. We are having twelve guests at the party and are also having a pirate dinner. The party is on Oct.7. I am in the process of getting the game ready. It sounds great!

I was going to come up with the game myself when I found your website when I was looking for ideas. I sure was relieved to find your game. It is exactly right. The only thing I am going to change is the challenge with the costume pieces because the girls are going to come to the party in costume already. I think we will do a challenge involving a message in a bottle. Thanks for the great ideas,

Beth Fields, Kansas USA

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Dear Nikki,

We had a great time!! The treasure hunt took about 3 hours to set up. I had 25 children over. We used compasses and shovels. The groups of kids went from clue to clue. Some were even tied on a balloon and placed an a pond to float around. (The actual clue was in a ziplock bag tied to a balloon) Each clue had an additional piece of a ‘clue’. When each group collected all 6 pieces of their additional ‘clue’ we met at the main pirate ship (the garage, which was decorated). Each team put their 6 pieces of the ‘clue’ together (we had 6 teams so 36 pieces total). The ‘clue’ was Spongebob’s theme song. They had to sing it. The reason for the additional clues was that a Spongebob pinata actually held the real treasure map and a key to the truck the treasure was hiding in. All the kids took a swing at spongebob and finally it broke. Candy and a treasure map an key came out. They read the map and unlocked the trunk for their treasure. The party was 3 hours long.


Chantel Prater, Indiana USA

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Monday, April 6th, 2009

Flashlight/tag treasure hunt in Newport Beach, California on Jan 28. My 12 year old’s birthday party

Diane Brown, California USA

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