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Monday, June 30th, 2008

I am the Camp Director for a Girl Scout Day Camp. Our theme this year is ‘Treasure Grove’. We plan to use various activities throughout the week referencing this theme.
We anticipate about 150 people, divided into groups of 12-18.

Cindy Trout, Ohio, USA

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Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Hey Nikki

I did receive the treasure hunt game immediately. Thank you. I have done a quick overview, and have come up with many ideas to adapt it to our needs. Our party is in January. It is our company Christmas Party that we hold up north of Toronto/ Canada @ a Ski Resort. Employees bring their spouses for the weekend. I will have around 38 adults this year. The last couple of years we have had a theme for the weekend. Last year it was a 70’s party.

This year the theme is Pirates and Bar Wenches. I thought that a Treasure Hunt on the Friday night would be perfect. Everyone must dress in costume….I was putting the pressure on around Halloween to get them shopping! My husband and I own the Market Research Tabulation firm and have many long term employees. I enjoy making the effort to ensure a great party! I haven’t decided yet how much of the resort I will use for the hunt. Our ‘Party Suite’ is about 600 sq ft 2 levels. But as I am writing I guess there is no reason I can’t spread it out more around the resort which is actually 2 buildings (50 rooms)

I would like to bury the treasure in the snow…but other than that it will be too cold to play outside at night! I plan to have 6 crews of 6 pirates each with my husband and I as officers.

The crews will be led by their Pirate Captain…I have already ordered their flags! I have also found pirate trivia/crosswords etc. I was also hoping to have some sort of plank to walk…people will be drinking..should be a challenge! I guess the only thing that jumped out at me that I need to adapt is the idea of the train station schedule…I need something related to the SEA!

Thanks for your email
I will be in touch…Half of the fun is the planning for me!

Patti Allen, Ontario Canada

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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Hi Nikki,
Thanks for offering with ideas, etc. I will keep your offer in mind. I will probably try to work everything out myself first and then maybe run it by you for any feedback. I am sure it will be a fun time: family reunion, ~30 people, mix of adults and families, at sister’s home in rural Wisconsin, plenty of woods and indoor space.


Eric Carl Fromm, Wisconsin USA

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Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Nikki — I adapted the instant treasure hunt for a church building and grounds setting. I had a family night with a dinner, and the after dinner entertainment was the treasure hunt. The parents and kids loved it! It was a BIG hit! After the treasure hunt, I gave my lesson which is that the Bible is full of ‘clues’ that lead us to the greatest treasure of all — Jesus. Wish I had some pictures to send, but forgot to bring my camera. I was not sure this would go over well, but the treasure hunt was one of the most successful activities I have ever done with the kids.

Joana Jones, Indiana USA

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Thursday, June 19th, 2008


I am in Oregon and the treasure hunt is a Holiday party on Dec 18th. Our age range is babies to people in their 50’s.

I did read through the whole thing and have started to put it together. We will be having it at the Elk’s Lodge, indoors nice size room, we have about 55-65 people usually attend. I was trying to make a party Amazing race game and I think this fills in the blanks I needed. I am working on what I will actually call the game. But I will use several of the activities I had come up with already so I don’t have to many to figure out still.

Lori Rowley, Oregon USA

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Ms. Wilson,

I plan the Scavenger Hunt for our Employee Awards day at our college. We have a theme for the event and I try to also incorporate a theme for the hunt. This year we are having a western theme, so I went with the same theme in relation to our campus and Texas. Attached you will find my list so far.

Thank you

Beverly Clark, Texas USA

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Monday, June 16th, 2008

My daughter will be turning 8 this summer and although we normally play our standard games, I’m looking for something new. (Our old favorites are ‘Jello Eating Contest’, ‘Bobbing for Apples’, etc.)

Joyce Barron,

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Monday, June 9th, 2008

I am researching ideas for a fall carnival fundraiser at our school and I thought it might be fun to have a treasure hunt. We are an elementary school K-5th. Our attendance is roughly 500-600 kids.

Nancy Chaconas, California USA

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Monday, June 9th, 2008

Treasure hunt is in Illinois
November 18th and October 30th
I bought it for my daughter’s 11th birthday and thought it would also be great to use at a neighborhood Halloween party (50s through 2s).

This looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Terri Harmon, Illinois USA

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Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Hi Nikki!

Well, let me tell you what a success our children/adult Halloween party was!!!!

Everyone (and I mean everyone) is still telling me how awesome the treasure hunt was. Last year we tried doing it ourselves, and even though the kids had fun running around our 5 acres, it could in NO WAY compare to this years!! Since we did have some difficulty with pay pal at first, it delayed our creative time, but thanks to your book, we pulled it off!

We’re inspired to have an adult treasure hunt party next, it’s such a great idea. I did give a couple of my friends your e-mail address…so hopefully you’ll hear from them.
Good luck in the future…. Thanks again,

Monet and Kris Storkersen, California USA

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Friday, June 6th, 2008

Hello Nikki, We had our party yesterday and the treasure hunt was a lot of fun. I thought I made a mistake ordering instant treasure hunt but tailored it to my needs and graphics and the kids and parents were impressed. My nine year olds thought some clues were too easy and others a little confusing but not confusing enough to make you give up. That’s a perfect balance in my opinion.

Thank you for the product and I will use again in home treasure hunts since that is what this particular product is tailored for … the Instant Treasure Hunt was ‘very’ easy to use and tailor to your personal needs. The children had a great time running around the lake and many stated it was the best birthday party they’ve attended. I was surprised at the ease of setting up and the excitement it caused for all the children at the party. Thank you very much for your help and creativity. Take care and Thank you!

Diana Yi, California USA

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Dear Nikki:

Your ebook is a treasure in its own. We are going to have the scavenger hunt-birthday party on June 15, it’s for a 16-year old girl whom I had to convince that the clues were not going to be ‘dumb’ - I read a couple from various age groups and she smiled!!!!! That’s a heck of an accomplishment, so now she trusts her parents that we actually could pull this off. (she of course does not remember all the previous successful parties that we threw for her and her sisters while they were growing up, we don’t get credit for those).

We live in Massachusetts, a little town (18,000 residents) west of Boston called Westborough. It used to be a sleepy little town, we had 12 dairy farms when we moved here in 1980, and now it’s a affluent suburb.

Because the party will be held on the last day of school, there’s a lot of activities going on in town so we just hope that this hunt will be one of the most attended one. I had not thought about a theme, beyond ‘last day of school’…. With a 16-year old, and a girl on top, who quite be quite finicky, we try to accommodate her wishes while being responsible. For instance, she wanted the scavenger hunt at night…. well, that did not work for us, we were not going to be responsible for a group of teenager roaming about town at dark. So we had to compromise and I think we came up with a good plan. Her father’s still on the fence, because we’ll have to have adult drivers lined, but it’s a small inconvenience to pay for the security of the kids and the pleasure that they’ll all derive from the party.

I read through the book and then printed out the pages that I needed - I’ll pull from various age groups because some of the clues are a riot - 4 ice cubes? and bring them back unmelted? I just have to throw that one in.

So I have high expectations that the kids will be very excited and happy with the event. The next challenge that we have not quite yet overcome is to agree on the food to serve. One challenge at a time..

Thank you for your wonderful material.

Brigitte Casemyr, Massachusetts USA

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Monday, June 2nd, 2008


I own the Island Packet Sailboat dealership for the state of Florida. Every year all the owners of Island Packets gather for a Rendezvous that lasts Friday-Sunday. We have a race on Saturday but not everyone wants to participate, so we usually try to have other activities. I came across your game and thought it might be fun, especially with a Pirate theme since we?re sail boaters.

I see there could be actual digging involved! Our event will be held at a Yacht Club so I have to be careful that I don?t break any of their rules :)

Debbie Whittaker, Florida USA

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