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Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Hi Nikki,

The treasure hunt we had for my 6 year old daughter was one of the best party experiences we’ve ever had. It went off like a fire cracker with both adults and children electrified by the teamwork, the clues, the race, the map, the treasure and most of all the fact that the hunt was switched at the very last moment from outdoors to indoors due to torrential rain. The game strategy is flexible enough to allow the whole shooting match to be moved from an outdoor setting over 1 acre to an indoor setting in 20 minutes. We had 5 teams moving between 6 rooms and the fun side of the game was enhanced tremendously. The game was more intense and nobody felt left out though some people somehow managed to leave the house while following their clues ! It was another testament to how well thought through the treasure hunt game actually is. I have subscribed to your database for future use, in fact I suspect we’ll have a treasure hunt for every birthday from now on.

There’s enough clues in the database to keep us going over their entire childhoods.

Thanks again for the support and good luck with the site/game/business.

Steve Tee, Kildare Ireland

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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Thank you for checking on the party progress. We had the party and played a couple of the games. The kids (thirteen year olds) loved the scavenger hunt. One of the girls said she wanted to do the same thing for her party.

The party was a success. Thanks for your help,

Kelly Taylor, California USA

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Thursday, September 13th, 2007


We already had the party. It was a huge success. I thought it might be a little too young for the age group, but they really enjoyed it.

The party consisted of 10 boys ages 9-12. We hid the treasure in the house in a chest that had a lock on it. I gave them a key along with the map. We live in central California and the temp. last Sat. was 104 degrees….much too hot to do the entire hunt and party outside (this is why the treasure was inside as it took them quite a while to find it).

I put the treasure (candy and small toys) inside of a treasure chest pi?ata. When they found it, they then got to take it outside and do the pi?ata. This pi?ata was the kind that had strings attached to the bottom and the kids took turns pulling the strings until one of them released the candy. It was great. They mostly liked the stations and games that were played there. I made the pirate beach station out by the pool and incorporated the walking the plank game into the pool area.

Thanks for everything…it was well worth the money.

Kelly Coulter, California USA

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Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Hello Nikki,

We are planning a Masquerade Ball for our daughter Abbi’s 16th birthday and thought your treasure hunt game would be a good activity and would blend well with our theme.

We are a conservative Christian family and will be inviting the teenage sons and daughters of other Christian families and we wanted to make sure your game would be appropriate for our gathering. We had previously ordered a party game online (from a different site) that was described as a teen version, however, once we downloaded the game we realized there was too much material in it that violated Biblical principles so we could not use it. Unfortunately, the person we ordered it from would not give us a refund. It was not a treasure hunt. I think your treasure hunt will be much more suitable for our needs and more adaptable for a ‘dress-up’ party.

We want this birthday party to be something Abbi can look back on with glad memories and for it to be something we can all feel good about.

I appreciate your taking time to respond to my email.


Patricia Smith, Oklahoma USA

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Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

Hi Nikki,
We had the scavenger hunt around town. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the tips to prepare the scavenger hunt. It set me in the right direction to personalize the hunt for our town.

Sandra Alexander, Florida USA

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