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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

My treasure hunt is taking place in California. It is my daughter’s 13th birthday party with a pirate theme. She loves pirates of the Caribbean. The guests are aged 12-13

My mind is reeling with ideas! We have a swimming pool,
so one activity for sure will be to put a note to the birthday girl in a plastic bottle weighted down so it will float straight up and down. They will have to ‘fish’ out the correct bottle using the skimmer net and give it to my daughter to read. Either that or the treasure map will be one of the bottles and they have to fish through bottles until they find the right one. I’ll give you an outline of what we did with it later.


Julie Goodall, California USA

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Saturday, June 16th, 2007


Yes, we have had our treasure hunt. I don’t know what I was looking for when I purchased your book….However it did help. I put the kids (age 7-13) into three teams. We used the stations where the teams had to go and complete a task as a team to earn clues. Each team had to figure out their clues to find their party goody bags. So the kids had a good time and it took them about 1 1/2hrs to do it.

My daughters 12th birthday turned out nice…

Kathleen Noriega, Arizona USA

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Dear Nikki hope you had a great Christmas,

The treasure hunt went really well - especially the challenges. Of course the losing team had to do a forfeit, we dressed them in Santa outfits and the rest of us were their reindeer - the forfeit was that Father Christmas had to go to the nearest post box and post his travel receipts back to Lapland and ask the first passer by if they could take a photograph of us all as proof that father Christmas had been to Croydon Surrey England - we did it, but not before mum and dad had run off into a neighbour?s garden to avoid all possible chance meetings with anyone they knew!

And just to get everything into context I am 43 mum is 65 and dad 75 - why haven?t we played this years ago?
I have taken pictures to send to you. Thanks very much.

Nick Wahla, Croydon England

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