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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Hi Nikki, We had the hunt last night with about 25 10 and 12 year old girls, It was a little chaotic but they had fun. Thanks,

Jennifer Honeycutt, North Carolina USA

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Monday, February 19th, 2007

Dear Nikki,

I wanted to give you a review of our party last Saturday. It was a real hit, all the boys had a great time. We had 8 boys ages 11 and 12 over for our twin?s 11th birthday party. We gave instruction to bring their bikes to the party as they were to search within our housing development for clues, the map, and treasure. The invitations were hand delivered on brown paper sacks to look like treasure maps.
We included many of your games; Pea and straw, toilet paper wrap, word puzzle, rope walk, we added a name the landmark game with pictures of US national landmarks as an educational station.

Our map was hidden by our community pool under a bench in a poster tube. It led them to an undeveloped lot that had 3 piles of dirt. There was an actual X taped onto one of the piles of dirt. We spray painted a Styrofoam cooler black and glued a latch for the combination lock to hold.

The boy?s party favors were in the treasure chest which included a flashlight, movie gift card and some candy!
My wife and I did the whole thing with each of us taking one team (4 boys).

I?ve attached a link where you can view the photos we took.

Thanks again for the great kit as it made the process very easy. We had a fun time in planning the whole event. The combination twist is a very clever thing!

Best regards,

Mark Miserak, Texas USA

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Friday, February 9th, 2007

Hi Nikki

We had a great Treasure Hunt for my daughter?s 11 year old party. We had five teams and I had two other grown-ups helping me. I did the pea challenge, the balancing on a rope, a general knowledge quiz, the backward clues quiz, a memory game and a beat the buzzer game, some they found more challenging than others. The treasure map I hid inside a balloon and mixed it in with lots of other balloons so they had to pop them all to find the map, I had also hidden the bag of balloons.

The treasure map was then found and the hunt for the chest started - it was located up a tree.

They all had great fun, the weather stayed dry and the bags of gold coins for the treasure box were appreciated. What a great idea, I shall certainly keep it for using again.

Best Wishes

Louise Ross, Glasgow Scotland

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