Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Hi Nikki,

We downloaded Treasure Hunt last night and are very excited to get started.

Our party is going to be Dec. 22. It is a family party. We live at the beach and our grown daughters our bring their families.

Each family will be a team. Team 1 has two kids-5 & 8, Team 2 has three kids-3,5 & 8 and team 3’s kids are 11 & 16. The parents will be the team leaders.

We are trying to come up with age appropriate clues for each. Our other challenge is one team has someone on crutches. ( this team will be hunting their clues at the park. Lots of places to sit!)

My idea is to send each team to a different location to hunt for their clues. ( the park, my sister’s big yard, the big field behind our house). All locations are within blocks of each other. Each team collects 6 clues, then they all meet back at our house to put the clues together to solve the puzzle. This will lead them to the treasure. They all dig the treasure up together and share it.

Thank you so much,

Carol Gates, USA

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